Who to Call + Email (updated): The Parliamentary Justice Committee Contact Info

On Tues. Nov. 22nd, all day and night, and Wed. Nov. 23rd, we will be focusing our calling efforts on the Conservative members of the Justice Committee. 

We will seek to convey the many, many reasons why this bill is unjust, unjust, unnecessary, and against the values of thinking, caring Canadians of all stripes.

Please be polite to their assistants, and if you get them on the phone,  remind them of the AVAAZ petition and LeadNow campaign, and that the Canadian Bar Association, Canadian Civil Liberties Association, and the Governments of Ontario, Québec and Newfoundland are all opposed to Bill C-10. Please note that Conservative MPs are the ones to call first, it’s their reckless bill. MPs who already oppose the bill are listed below as well. You may call them too, if you wish, but know that they are our allies against the omnibus crime bill C-10.

Be an OMNIBUSTER. It Could Get Worse – Don’t Let it! Thank you!

Dave MacKenzie, Committee Chair (CALL THIS GUY! It’s his boss’s bill that will make more jails and longer sentences, putting more people in jail for non-violent crime. Tie up his phone, tell him everything you can about the injustice of the punitive system. He should know better, he’s a former police chief.) Conservative, Oxford, Ontario Telephone: 613-995-4432  EMail: dave.mackenzie@parl.gc.ca

Kerry-Lynne D. Findlay, Committee Member, (Take her to task! Shame on Findlay for ignoring the facts!) Conservative, Delta-Richmond East, BC Telephone: 613-992-2957  EMail: Kerry-Lynne.Findlay@parl.gc.ca

Robert Goguen, Committee Member (APPELLE-LUI: il n’est pas acceptable que le député acadien soutienne le projet seulement parce qu’ils vont construire leurs prisons au N-B!) Conservative, Moncton-Riverview-Dieppe, NB Telephone: 613-992-8072 EMail: Robert.Goguen@parl.gc.ca

Brian Jean, Committee Member (ALBERTANS: Call this MP and lay into him for supporting a bill that even Texas Republicans say is wrong and outdated!) Conservative, Fort McMurray – Athabasca, Alberta Telephone: 613-992-1154 EMail: brian.jean@parl.gc.ca

Brent Rathgeber, Committee Member (Again: Call him, tell him what you think about this punishment-obsessed bill and its rash financial consequences: C-10 is fiscally irresponsible!) Conservative, Edmonton-St. Albert, Alberta Telephone: 613-996-4722  EMail: brent.rathgeber@parl.gc.ca

Kyle Seeback, Committee Member (The Province of Ontario says it won’t fund this bill, tell Kyle to get with the programme and dump C-10!) Conservative, Brampton West, Ontario Telephone: 613-995-5381  EMail: Kyle.Seeback@parl.gc.ca

Stephen Woodworth, Committee Member (Again, Ontarians know better: C-10 is a waste of time, a waste of money, and a waste of peoples’ lives!) Conservative, Kitchener Centre, Ontario Telephone: 613-995-8913 EMail: stephen.woodworth@parl.gc.ca

MPs who ALREADY OPPOSE Bill C-10 and are working to stop it from becoming law (not a priority for calling, but feel free to send e-mails of support!):

Irwin Cotler, Committee Vice-Chair (He is trying to stop Bill C-10, we like him!) Liberal, Mount Royal, Quebec Telephone: 613-995-0121 Fax: 613-992-6762 EMail: irwin.cotler@parl.gc.ca

Charmaine Borg NDP (Terrebonne—Blainville), Committee Member (Like Omnibuster Laurin Liu, Charmaine is a younger member of the caucus. She has publicly blasted the bill’s proponents for trying to pass it through too quickly, and with little to no public consultation or respect democratic process. Go Charmaine!)
Telephone: 613-947-4788
Fax: 613-947-4879
EMail: Charmaine.Borg@parl.gc.ca

Jack Harris (NDP), M.P. for St. John’s East (Justice Critic for Official Opposition). Jack Harris is one of the leaders of the Opposition, and has stood against Bill C-10 in every possible way, including fighting its proposals clause by clause in committee. Bravo, Jack, Omnifilibusterer! Telephone: 613-996-7269 EMail: jack.harris@parl.gc.ca

Pierre Jacob, Committee Member (Totally against Bill C-10. Don’t give him a hard time! Comme Dany Morin, Laurin Liu, Irwin Cotler, il est déjà contre le projet de loi C-10) NDP, Brome-Missisquoi, Quebec Telephone: 613-947-8185 Fax: 613-947-8188 EMail: Pierre.Jacob@parl.gc.ca

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