Vancouver Sun publishes Canadian Bar Association Critique of C-10

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Canada’s lawyers have joined a host of others — from Texas Republicans to criminologists and civil libertarians — denouncing the federal omnibus crime bill.

Ironically titled The Safe Streets and Communities Act, Bill C-10 is being rammed through Parliament by the Conservative majority government although many of its measures are a proven waste of money and effort.

Many penology and law-enforcement specialists say the ill-considered legislation could make things worse.

Ontario and Québec are balking; B.C. has said whoa, let’s have a look at the numbers.

Texas, California and other states that tried these policies were unable to afford the prison system they spawned.

Representing over 37,000 lawyers across the country, the Canadian Bar Association now is lobbying MPs urging them to listen to reason.

“This bill will change our country’s entire approach to crime at every stage of the justice system,” said CBA president and Nova Scotia lawyer Trinda L. Ernst.

“It represents a huge step backwards; rather than prioritizing public safety, it emphasizes retribution above all else. It’s an approach that will make us less safe, less secure, and ultimately, less Canadian.”