One Down, Nine to Go: Quebec Will Limit the Clout of the Omnibus Crime Bill C10

A few months ago, after the Omnibus Crime Bill C10 passed first reading in the House of Commons, we suggested a three-pronged approach to prevent things from getting worse: Pressure Your Premiers, Seduce The Senate and Mobilize the Media. Now that the bill has passed second reading in the house, it looks like defeating the bill at the provincial level is starting to work.

The Quebec government is refusing to fully implement the bill. According to The Globe and Mail:

“The province announced Tuesday that it would do everything in its power to limit the clout of the legislation that passed a day earlier.

Because the provinces are responsible for applying the laws passed in Ottawa, Quebec says it will work to soften Bill C-10 where possible.”

Now that the precedent has been set, one wonders (and Omnibusters at ItCouldGetWorse hope) if other provinces will follow suit, and if so, how many. This is the new front in the battle to prevent Canada from going down a wrong-headed path that puts retribution ahead of rehabilitation and wrongheaded politics ahead of logic. Omnibusters should be ready.

It could get worse, don’t let it!

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  • Kazuhiro

    Thanks for the clarifications, Tom! QPP also eivordps $863.75, so that’s another $10,365 for Quebecers. For a couple, the total’s already at $44,490. That’s not so bad. Then add DPPs (if any), RRSPs, and moving into a small home (if you don’t want to leave anything for your kids, hehe).Maybe you can write a post consolidating all regular sources of income for pensioners.I’ve been following it for a few months now, reading every blog entry (using Google Reader). Good job!

    21 Apr