Our Omnibusters! Photos from the First Day of Filming…


On Saturday, Nov. 19, It Could Get Worse filmed 11 videos which we will be putting online this week to oppose the cruel omnibus crime bill C-10.

Here are just a few of the amazing outspoken Omnibusters who took a stand against criminalization, propaganda, and fear.

Omnibuster Heather Lou!

Interior designer, DIY fashion blogger, and chic environmentalist Heather Lewenza came out against Bill C-10. We loved her video, and it will be one of the first ones we publish Nov. 21st! “The Ombinus Crime Bill C-10 is NOT tough on crime, it’s tough to swallow!” Thanks, Heather!

Laurin Liu, Member of Parliament (NDP, St-Eustache), Ottawa's #1 Omnibuster!

Member of Parliament Laurin Liu has it out for Omnibus Crime Bill C-10 and is our first elected official OMNIBUSTER! Laurin’s video focuses on how YOUTH, WOMEN, and FIRST NATIONS people will be further criminalized by Bill C-10, and she gave us her unequivocal support in opposing it. Her video will go online Monday morning, Nov 21st.

Omnibuster Jordan Arseneault, editor, performer and queer activist

A founding member of It Could Get Worse, and the editor of www.2bmag.com, Jordan is outraged that Bill C-10 will mean more money for prisons when what we need as a society is money for social housing and prevention. The prison system will unjustly target people living in poverty, queer people, trans people and HIV positive people, and that’s why he wants to KILL BILL C-10! Along with Heather and Laurin, he is urging all Canadians, especially those living in Tory ridings to CALL THEIR MP and tell them to BUILD COMMUNITIES, NOT PRISONS!

Sign the petition, call your MP and tell them to vote NO on the Omnibus Crime Bill C-10:

It Could Get Worse – Don’t let it!

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