Our Omnibusters! More photos from the first day of filming…


On Saturday, Nov. 19, It Could Get Worse filmed 11 videos which we will be putting online this week to oppose the cruel omnibus crime bill C-10.

Here are just a few of the amazing outspoken Omnibusters (from the Concordia University community) who took a stand against criminalization, propaganda, and fear.


Omnibuster Laura Beeston, Editor, The Link Newspaper

Originally from Winnipeg, Laura Beeston is the fearless editrix of The Link, Concordia’s Independent Newspaper. In her video, Laura urged you to call your MP and “Tell them to check their facts!”

Omnibuster Antonio Bavaro, actor, student, and organizer

Theatre and Development student Antonio Bavaro is outraged that Bill C-10 will further criminalize youth for the rest of their lives, and divert funds from prevention and education. Here, he holds up “Build Communities, not Prisons!” for It Could Get Worse. Antonio proudly hails from Sherwood Park, Alberta.

Omnibuster Jessica MacCormack, Concordia Professor, Artist, and blogger

Artist Jessica MacCormack is a Professor of Fine Arts at Concordia University. Her work centres on women in prison, and on the increased criminalization of of the mentally ill. Her blog, Work Equals Worth Equals Innocence raises awareness about the social perception of the mentally ill as criminals, in honour of a man slain by Montréal police in June of 2011. Her video and performance work has appeared in festivals and galleries throughout Canada and Europe: check it out here.

Sign the petition, call your MP and tell them to vote NO on the Omnibus Crime Bill C-10:

It Could Get Worse – Don’t let it!

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