One Senator’s Response from Letter Against C-10

Thank you for contacting me about the omnibus crime bill (C-10). I concur with the Canadian Bar Association’s views.

As you are well aware, the Conservative government has been trying to push much of this legislation through both the House of Commons and the Senate for several years now. Senators have made many thoughtful amendments in the past. The government rejected all of them.

Recently, when confronted with the latest crime statistics which continue to show a steady decline, Justice Minister Nicholson replied “We don’t govern on the basis of statistics.” I am therefore, not optimistic that the government will see reason to modify its position this time round either.

Traditionally, senators acted somewhat independently of the government to give Canadians the benefit of our traditional sober second thought (click here for examples). That is no longer happening with Conservative senators who vote the way Mr. Harper tells them. Now that they have a majority in the Senate, I anticipate the Conservatives will pass Bill C-10.

Nevertheless, it is important for Canadians like yourself to continue to speak out. We must be diligent in reminding one another that our nation fundamentally values compassion over coersion, ideals over ideology and rehabilitation over punishment. Thank you for taking the time to do just that. Please don’t stop.

Best regards,

Elaine McCoy

Alberta Senator (Progressive Conservative)


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