Break Down Prison Walls – Omnibuster Marlo

Omnibuster Marlo Turner Ritchie has been a youth activist in both BC and Quebec. She is the former director at Head and Hands Montreal and has been working with at risk youth for over 15 years. As a community leader she really know what works and doesn’t with our current legal system. She knows that the conservatives Crime Bill will not help the youth on our streets and begs that you join the fight against Bill C10. Bill C-10 will not help to reduce crime, it will only put already at risk youth in danger of becoming worse offenders and being locked up for longer periods of time. Please act now and contact your members of Parliament and help dissuade the Conservatives from passing this bill.

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  • Ranessa

    And I thought I was the sensible one. Thanks for sttenig me straight.

    9 Dec