Omnibuster Jordan Arseneault on the “Safe Streets and Community Act”?! Three reasons to oppose it

Omnibuster Jordan Arseneault, Magazine Editor

Omnibuster Jordan Arseneault, (from Saint John, NB), is an editor, translator and out gay man. He gives you three important reasons to oppose the so-called “Safe Streets and Communities Act”:

1) There’s no policy, money, or thought to prevention in the bill. Safer housing and help with mental health and drug addiction are the REAL efforts that help keep crime rates low;
2) It’s too expensive! It costs over $100,000 a year to keep someone in prison!
3) The social costs are WAY too high. Putting people in prison builds prisons, not communities!

Sign the petition, write and call your Member of Parliament now: tell them you oppose Bill C-10!

It could get worse—don’t let it!

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