Omnibuster Irkar Bejaars – The Crime Omnibus Bill targets Natives

Omnibuster Irkar Bejaars, (from Montreal & the Mohawk territories), is a native activist, community worker and filmmaker. He explains that the Omnibus Crime Bill targets natives and the already vulnerable members of our communities. He knows first hand that the prison system currently works and can successfully rehabilitate members of our society. We should not change this and we should not be implementing stricter prison terms. We should be investing in rehabilitation.

Sign the petition, write and call your Member of Parliament now: tell them you oppose Bill C-10!

It could get worse—don’t let it!

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  • Junia

    Having been a fishery biigolost for ADF&G and researched this topic and attending ADF&G board meetings, I am extremely upset and sadden how the rural Alaska Natives are treated in their own land. Rural fishers fishing times are based on urban “city” times. That is they can fish for a set number of fish per week at certain times and AFTER the commercial opening! The price of fuel is terrible expensive and so are motors and boats. Also due to global warming the rural villager must travel further to fish and hunt. In today’s world many rural Natives have 8-5, M-F jobs and are restricted to fishing times. Therefore, the only way to survive and get ones winter catch is to fish ONCE and get their full allotment. The rural fisher CANNOT go to Carrs and shop anytime all year round like urbanites.I can go on, since this was going to be my dissertation, but I am so frustrated with the Federal and State regulations and the Board are mostly run by urban westerns and the meetings are held in urban areas or larger villagers where most people cannot attend.

    20 Apr