Letter from New Brunswick retirees in a Conservative Riding: FIX this problem quickly!

MP John Williamson is a Conservative House of Commons rep for New Brunswick Southwest, where Omnibuster Jordan Arseneault’s parents live and have worked their whole lives as a teacher and social worker, respectively.

They demand that Mr. Williamson and his government “Please attend to (FIX) this problem quickly.” Here’s a sample of what you can say to your MP: community rehabilitation, compassion, and fiscal responsibilities are social values that cross party lines. FIX Bill C-10, or drop it! Call or Write your MP today!

A note of concern re:Omnibus crime-Bill C-10.
While we can understand the need for a tougher stance on SERIOUS crime , we strongly feel that minor offenses and first-time offenders shouldn’t be placed in the same category as hardened criminals.
The court/justice/incarceration costs alone would be prohibitive if this Bill is allowed to pass without alterations….i.e. both thoroughly and thoughtfully…clause by clause .We would rather that the government be more fiscally responsible .
The societal costs could indeed be much higher ..the ‘lifelong record ‘, possible job loss, relationship ramifications etc.that our citizens might have to bear for a possibly very minor crime would make the passage of Bill C-10 “as is”  quite intolerable . 
What happened to that wonderful (or illusory!) democratic notion of  public consultation ??
Please attend to ( FIX) the problem quickly.