Flash demo at Riding Office Gets Great Media attention

On Friday (Nov. 25) Omnibusters were out in force letting the larger media know that C-10 is not a good idea.

In a show of solidarity with over 150 protests around the country the day before, we showed up in front of NDP MP and ally Hélène Laverdière’s office in Montréal. CTV Montreal, APTN National News, Global TV Montreal, CKUT, and RGmag were there to get the story, cameras and note-pads in tow.

Jordan Arseneault told CTV’s Stéphane Giroux “Poor people, First Nations and people stuck in cycles of violence will be adversely affected,” he said, although he also lambasted the bill for privileging the wealthy who are able to afford better legal representation to keep them out of jail.


Omnibuster Jason C. McLean This bill opens the door for so many bad things. I mean, our prison system’s not great already. There’s a disproportionate number of native people in prison. It’s not perfect and this bill will make it worse.” See the video here:


Hélène Laverdière pointed out that “If the money used for prisons would be invested in social programmes… it’s not only because it’s nice for people, it’s also because it’s the wisest way of doing things.” Behind her, Omnibuster Jordan Van Tassel showed up to hold the “Kill Bill C-10” banner made especially for It Could Get Worse. He later did an interview for CKUT’s Friday Off the Hour.

Marlo Turner Ritchie, whose Omnibusting has helped get the media attention for It Could Get Worse and who has been writing numerous letters to MPs, hammered home to RGmag that the demo was not a fringe movement: the governments of Ontario, Newfoundland, and especially Québec have roundly criticized Bill C-10’s unjust and short-sighted mandatory sentences.

While this media coverage really helps the cause, it’s really up to all of us to let our voices be heard.


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