It Could Get Worse is a grassroots initiative designed to stop the C10 Omnibus Crime Bill. We are a volunteer-run organization with limited resources.

If you support our cause and would like to help us out financially, we could definitely use your support. All funds donated will go to furthering the promotion of the project and our cause by enabling us to make buttons, fliers and other materials. If we receive enough funding through y0ur donations, we plan on running radio ads in Conservative ridings.

You can donate to us through the Forget The Box Media Collective via FTB’s PayPal account:


  • Judith Farrant

    Please let me know the names of the conservative senators. I will write to them and the one liberal senator I happen to know. I would welcome the opportunity to talk with them on mass. If you know how that could be done, please let me know.

    Judith Farrant

    6 Dec
  • Krystalyn

    It’s much easier to undertsnad when you put it that way!

    9 Dec

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