It Could Get Worse is a collaboration between Media Collective ForgetTheBox.net and writers, organizers, and concerned citizens to stop the Conservative government’s Omnibus Crime Bill, C10, known to its proponents as the “Safe Streets and Communities Act.”

As of Wednesday, Nov. 30th, 2011, Bill C-10 has still not passed its final vote in the House of Commons. There is still time to ACT and call your Members of Parliament! This site is continually updated with news, videos and links to stay informed on the Omnibus Crime Bill and voices opposing it.

We are focusing on creating a video series that highlights individual citizens’ concerns over the pending C10 Omnibus Crime Bill legislation. We will be featuring videos that explain how this bill could make lives worse for many everyday Canadians from various walks of life.

The commentary has so far been widely opposed to the proposed Bill, with several of the provinces and many prominent community members stating that the Bill will not in fact reduce crime. Decades of research and experience have shown that what actually reduces crime: (a) addressing child poverty, (b) providing services for the mentally ill and those afflicted with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, (c) diverting young offenders from the adult justice system, and (d) rehabilitating prisoners, and helping them to reintegrate into society. Bill C-10 ignores these proven facts. (Trinda L. Ernst, The Canadian Bar Association).

The governments of Ontario, Québec, and Newfoundland have all come out opposing the bill and refuse to fund its consequences. We believe that Canadians should let their Members of Parliament know that this bill is wrong, and that longer sentences, more prisons, and putting more youth behind bars IS NOT THE ANSWER. The videos made for this project gather a chorus of voices who are demanding that the government listen to: RESEARCH, REASON and REALITY.

Your voice matters, this bill sucks, stop Bill C-10 from becoming law.

It could get worse, don’t let it


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